April 20, 2016

I have only been participating in the Urban Jungle Blog series for 3 months now, but I find myself looking forward to it each time. I am always 'telling' my plants - guys you HAVE to stay healthy, we need new head shots for next month, remember? 

This month Igor and Judith want to see how we showcase plants in glass vessels.

Although I love glass containers and vases, I don't usually use them a lot because truth be told, I am pretty clumsy.

However, I made one exception recently - I thrifted this vintage cactus wine glass to house my air plants.

Guys - it's a tired traveler, resting on a cactus, on the stem of a wine glass. Here, see for yourself.

It's typically not what I bring home, but I couldn't get this one out of my mind. It's so whimsical.

I use it to display my new airplants Tillandsia ionantha, also known as Blushing Bride, because of its red inner leaves. Unfortunately mine aren't blushing that much, I don't  think they are getting enough sun. I will have to rectify that problem before it's too late!

But for now, looking at this display two words come to mind - Happy Hour!

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  1. Great post Vin! I loved this idea of air plant in this tired traveler glass container, looks beautiful. Might have to borrow your idea ;). BTW you have a lovely blog! Count me as one of your returning reader :)

  2. Hi Nupur, it was just one glass I didn't know what else to do with it ha ha! :)Borrow away please.

    Thankyou so much,I am so happy to hear that !! I appreciate it so much, that you take the time to read and also leave such thoughtful comments !!! :)


  3. What a beautiful glass. Note to myself: must get airplant(s). :)

  4. Ha ha yes you should! I wouldn't call it exactly low maintenance as they are typically known. Misting every day is not low maintenance in my books lol. But other than that, I think they are fascinating so I like it!
    I have heard the 'Xerographica' variety is pretty drought tolerant - just a tip,in case you prefer to forget about your plants after each watering.


  5. Wow what a very uncommon find! So quirky! The airplants seem to enjoy their cactus glass pretty much, I hope you'll manage to make them blush a bit more. Thank you for sharing your Happy Hour with us, Vin!

  6. Ha ha thanks Judith! You are right, quirky is the word! :)
    I have been giving them more sun, hope they do OK!


  7. Stephanie @ Casa Watkins LivingApril 26, 2016 at 4:31 PM

    SO So pretty Vin!! I love the look and definitely will keep this in mind! :)

  8. Thank you Stephanie! Glad you like it! :)


  9. I feel like I need an air plant now Vin! You have a great eye, not sure I would have ever thought of that glass as a planter but it looks so cute!

  10. Thanks Linda !! :) The airplant is fun! But not so low maintenance - I have noticed it needs to be misted at least every other day, and soaked every week!