February 09, 2015

I am still the new blog on the block. I have been following tons of other blogs on Instagram and there are so many  talented bloggers out there, so much inspiration, it's incredible.

So a month ago, I was sitting on my couch, leaning on my new plush pillow, when OUCH! I turned around and saw a needle poking out of my pillow. Alright, it was not a needle. It was a harmless feather. Although, I didn't think of THAT when I went hunting for fluffy feather pillows! So I lived with the poking for a while.

Until 2 weeks ago. When my unsuspecting neighbor jumped up from the couch, to be precise. Not so harmless anymore huh. So the pillows had to be retired until I found a solution.

Like always, I turned to Google. And the most valuable piece of advice I found, was to use a cover made of high (highest you can find) thread count fabric. Well what do I know! Homegoods had already figured that out. My pillows were made of the thickest imaginable fabric. Even that couldn't keep them all in!

Anyway I finally figured out something that would stop the little feathers from coming out. And I ended up making it myself. A tightly knit single crocheted pillow cover!
No more poking! Besides it looks so pretty!

I love stripes and I picked out a few shades from Joanns ( Crafter's paradise#1). I love the way they turned out. They also give my room a much needed pop of color.

I can finally hug my pillows without bruising myself!

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