May 11, 2016

It sounds like you’ve got a real adventurer’s spirit when it comes to houseplants, even if keeping them thriving can be a challenge! The Pilea Peperomioides, with its unique coin-shaped leaves, is indeed a gem in the plant world and a favorite among enthusiasts.

Given your interest in acquiring and caring for such plants, automating some aspects of plant care with Latenode could be a big help. For example, you could set up a system to monitor watering schedules, light exposure, and even humidity levels, which are crucial for the health of more delicate plants like the Pilea. Latenode can help automate these reminders and provide logs for each plant's care, taking some of the guesswork out of the process.

Additionally, Latenode could assist in connecting with other plant lovers by automating communications or managing a community platform. Whether it’s through social media, a blog, or an online forum, you could share experiences, swap cuttings, and perhaps finally meet someone who can introduce you to the elusive Pilea! This would not only enhance your gardening experience but also help you build relationships with fellow enthusiasts.


Knowing all this, I almost cried out loud, when the nice store manager told me it looks like a Chinese Money plant, which is the PP's common name. But we both were skeptical of its red stems. Still, having encountered this plant face to face, I made the easy choice of bringing it home.

I lurked around plant forums and other blogs trying to get someone to ID this plant. Everyone was stumped by the looks of this plant. No one had seen a red-stemmed PP before. But except for that, it looked just like one.

I was getting ready to name this plant after me, when some nice folks from the GardenWeb forums at Houzz (which btw should be your one stop for every plant question), were finally able to tell me that it is a  Begonia Conchifolia! I googled it, and it's an exact match. So much for my namesake.

So even though I am disappointed it's not a Chinese Money Plant, I am still excited because it's a unique plant!

Unfortunately, it is not doing so well ( I accidentally dropped it on the floor, can you believe me?). So send me some good plant vibes, won't you?


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  1. This Design JournalMay 11, 2016 at 10:33 PM

    Oh, Vinaya, I hope and prey she survives, she is so pretty. Love her details - red stem, bright leaves - altogether a happy plant . Good luck and thank you for being my friend who is gonna share a stem as soon as possible ( ha ha, wink here)

  2. I hope it does :(

    Ha ha , sure I am totally that friend! Now let's both say a prayer for this one :)


  3. Sending good plants {{vibes}} your way! It's such a unique looking plant, the leaves are such a wonderful shape and pretty bright color! I will definitely pin it to my plant board.

  4. Thanks Linda! Yes it's so unique, and the PP plant is too! I'm secretly still hoping mine will turn into that :)


  5. I've got one too, can you believe it? (Or at least I think that's what it When I bought it, it was full of flowers, but then it kind of semi-died and came back to life a few times. Such a tough little plant. I recently re-potted it and I am sending it good vibes every day. I must read about it and see why it doesn't thrive, with all the care and food I gave it. :) Good luck with yours, can't wait to see photos of it when it's in bloom. Mx

  6. Ha ha that's an incredible coincidence! I just read that its blooms are very fragrant. So good to know that it's a tough plant, maybe mine will bounce back. Fingers crossed !


  7. The plant likes and look healthy if they are in terrarium. They love humidity.