Hello, I am Vinaya! Welcome to my personal blog. Here, I document my passion for all things home and occasionally describe the joys and miseries of being a decorating addict.

Making vignettes, reading design blogs, pinning rooms, rearranging furniture, keeping my houseplants alive, dreaming about interiors and planning my next project are just a few of my hobbies.
I live in the 'burbs of Boston with The Mr. In the past 5 years, we have lived in 5 apartments, 4 cities and 2 continents. We have furnished entire apartments from scratch about 4 times already! I for one, happen to think its fun!

I was born and raised in India - in the beautiful state of Kerala, rightfully nicknamed 'God's own country'. It's popular for its lush green coconut groves, beaches and elephants - all of which I have a weakness for!

This blog is also a journey of discovering my design style, which is always evolving.

I have also just gotten into embracing house plants. This is a huge step for me. When I was growing up, my mom, my beloved Ammachi (grandma), my aunts - everyone had a garden. But when my mom would ask 'Did you see my roses?', I would respond back with 'We have roses?'. I have been oblivious to plants most of my life and that is now changing. Keeping them alive is a totally different matter  but I appreciate and love them so much more now!
Until our next move, we are nesting in our current place, determined to make it home. Something tells me we will be here for a while. :)
I'm so glad you are here and I hope you get inspired! Don't hesitate to say Hello!
(If you want to hear me ramble on some more, click here and good luck!)