February 08, 2017


Here's wishing you a lot of health and happiness in this new year. Can you believe it's 2017 already? Us here in Boston, are stuck in the middle of a cold and icy winter. This year I swore to embrace the artic season with open arms. In the 'spirit of the season' and all, I changed the artwork in my living room, to some snowy photographs that we managed to click in the Winter of 2014.
We received about 100 feet of snow that year (you read that right), which meant we were able to snap some lovely pictures. And if I recall correctly, there was nothing else remotely lovely about that winter. I had been meaning to try the Staples Engineering prints for a while now, and decided to print out a few of those photos.

I picked out two photographs, selected the Engineering Prints in Black and White, chose a size 36x24 and sent them out for printing. I already had my IKEA Ribba frames, so all that was left to do was switch out the existing artwork with the new ones, and hang them back. Here's how they look!

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. It's not the best quality, but for under 8 bucks for both, I am not complaining.

If you don't have your own photos, Etsy has a variety of affordable options. You can buy the prints, download them instantly and print it out at your convenience.

I am positive I will be using the Staples print service again. I love large scale art and I am so excited that they offer this affordable service. Way to satisfy your redecorating impulses, huh?

Have you tried similar printing options? Any you can recommend?


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  1. Great idea Vin! I am not a fan of winter but anything related to decor to cheer up the home is always welcome! My husband has used this printing service for his office room and since then I have been wanting to do something similar at home. Will give it a shot. Your pics look great and btw 100 ft of snow, yes I remember that year 😀

    1. Thanks Nupur! :) I am not a fan of anything winter either, but any excuse to change some things at home ;). I would love to see your prints too!

  2. Vin, this is great idea! A super easy and inexpensive to have personalized wall art.

    I did something something similar in my master bedroom by blowing up a printable and spray painting a thrifted frame.

    1. Thanks Linda ! I can see myself using this service again. :)