September 27, 2016

I have recently developed a love for handmade pottery. There's something so delightful about watching someone turn clay into functional pieces. I enjoy following the work of several potters and am always excited by their creations. For some time now, I have been following the work of Boston potter Jeremy Ogusky. Dine at some local Boston restaurants, and you might possibly be enjoying your meal from one of his handmade plates.

So when the artist announced he was opening the doors of his studio to the public, I made sure I was there! I had never set foot in someone else's creative space before, so it was quite a privilege to be in Jeremy's studio.

Jeremy Ogusky of Ogusky ceramics, works alone (well only if you don't count his pup, who hangs out with him) in his studio. He throws and fires all his work by himself. His studio is filled with his completed works, as well as his new work, ready to be glazed and fired.

It was a great opportunity to meet Jeremy and peek into his pottery studio. While we were there I also tried my hands at the wheel, where his talented intern Gustavo helped me make a mug!

Although this photo kinda makes it look like I know exactly what I am doing, that's not entirely true. It was just my second time at the wheel, but I can't even tell you how fun it was to feel and shape the clay with my hands. Jeremy was kind enough to glaze and fire ALL of the pieces the guests made. I just picked up mine last week.

You guys, I made this! (Well, sorta). And it's true - everything tastes better in a handmade vessel!

We also picked up one of Jeremy's own creations - this lovely handmade dessert plate. Buying handmade and local whenever I can always gives me the fuzzies. I know I will cherish this for a long time.

Thanks Jeremy for being so generous and letting us peek into your studio, and for the wonderful experience!

You can follow his work here, and stay up-to-date on upcoming events.


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  1. What a great experience, Vin! Well done. Another thing we have in common :). Pottery is very close to my heart (kind of in my genes). As a child I use to make stuff out of clay with bare hands but I have never been brave enough to learn the real stuff - like using the wheel. But you got me into himmeli and back into plants, so maybe pottery is next! :) :)

    1. Ha ha glad to hear that! I had so much fun at the studio, and it's on my bucket list to take some classes in the future. Yeah, I think you absolutely should take some classes, you never know how it's gonna turn out, maybe I will be buying some of your handmade stuff in the future ;)

  2. Wow! This looks like a great experience you must have had. Pottery is one of the things that I am also being drawn to these days and have been admiring different artists work. I feel you were lucky to have watched Jeremy's work so closely and also tried your hands at it! Great post Vin!!

    1. Thanks Nupur ! I totally agree, it was such an opportunity to be in an artist's space and see his work up close. :)