August 08, 2016

You know that couple who is madly in love with each other one day, but wanna rip each others' heads off the next day and then back and forth? Well my theory is that most people have a similar relationship with Swedish furniture giant IKEA.

Let me say this first, I love IKEA. Maybe I am not a big fan of their particle board furniture, but I think people often forget that they offer solid wood products as well, at incredibly fair prices. In my opinion, some of their high-end products are quite well-made.
The possibilities of customizing your IKEA furniture are endless, thanks to the countless IKEA hacks and the dozens of companies that sell IKEA add ons.
I recently came in contact with a German company called New Swedish Design. They are a start-up that design and produce applications for IKEA furniture. Some of their products include customized inserts for BILLY Bookcases /EXPEDIT shelving and add-ons that convert a HEMNES/MALM dresser into a changing table.

They ship to most countries within Europe (including the UK). Their website is in German, but a picture speaks a thousand words right? Check them out here.
They just featured my IKEA HEMNES hack on their blog, which you can read right here in case you are interested. Danke, New Swedish Design!

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  1. Very cool being featured! Your famous dresser is going places Vin!! I am a huge Ikea fan, when we started our home Ikea used to be our go to place and even now we are always peeking in there.

    1. Thanks Nupur! Ooh glad to hear you are an IKEA fan too! I can never get enough of shopping there :)