March 01, 2016

(Image via IKEA)

I have a thing for plants. It's mostly a one-way relationship. Anyway, I also love planters.

You could even argue that planters are the shoes to a plant. It may be the prettiest plant on the sill, but if it's strutting around in a plastic flip-flop, no one's looking at it.

If you are in the market for some footgear for your hard working plants, here are 6 stylish, affordable options that will make heads leaves turn.

1. Shop Terrain Marbled flower pot
2. H&M Grow Up metal plant pot
3. H&M Textured Plant pot
4. IKEA Sinnerlig Assorted Plant pots
5. Shop Terrain Citrus Taper pot
6. Urban Outfitters Mod Metal planter

Gold, vintage, modern, classic- there's one for every  occasion. I can even imagine my Pothos donning one of these on a day out in the sun. Totally making the other girls green. Why, you ask? Because they are plants, silly! They are ALWAYS green.
So if you need planters, hopefully this helps. 
If you don't, that still means you do because FACT - a girl can never have too many shoes.

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