January 04, 2016

Happy New Year dear readers! I wish you a Happy and Healthy 2016!

January sees no shortage of design trends. I love to read designers' predictions for the new year, but I also love to look back and evaluate which predictions held their ground the past year.

I try not to decorate by the trends (although mistakes have been made, and will be made again ......  my chevron shower curtain will never see light of day), but it is always fun to read about it. So here's a rewind of some of the design predictions of 2015, that I think came out in flying colors!

1. DARK AND MOODY COLORS were predicted to be very popular last year. If I could paint, I would definitely paint a darker accent wall at home - dark grey, moody blue or charcoal. I accidently embraced this trend when I painted my Craigslist dresser Navy Blue. I still love it and I would do it again, even if dark and moody were to be considered "done". I think they got it right with this prediction.

2. GLOBAL TEXTILES are everywhere - Moroccan pillows, Beni Ourain rugs, Turkish kilim, African textiles, South Western prints, Oriental rugs. Eclectic rooms are all the rage and we saw tons of global patterns featured in rugs, pillows, tapestries and more. In my opinion, this is definitely not a trend but becoming a sure-fire lifestyle.
Image by 54483 Public Domain
3. WALLPAPER was also another big hit. Everyone is turning to wallpaper and companies are coming up with more and more gorgeous patterns as well as temporary wall paper for renters like me. We saw some fun wallpaper in entryways, powder rooms and kids rooms. I hope this continues because it is such a fun way to add pattern, texture and color.
Image by keresi72 Public Domain

Image by keresi72 Public Domain
4. HOUSE PLANTS were adopted a lot in 2015. For me, it was definitely the year I brought plants home. Without a doubt, the Split Leaf Philodendron had a big moment. I myself got one because I fell in love with it's dramatic leaves. But we still adore you to bits - Fiddle Leaf Fig! People have had houseplants since 'forever', but growing an urban jungle at home got the most recognition in 2015. I think almost everyone bought at least one plant  and so I guess it's safe to say, this was the biggest hit of the year!


As you can see, I fully embraced this trend because I fell insanely in love with it. Click here for a list of some easy care houseplants.
I don't think the above trends are going anywhere this year. I certainly hope not.

There were a lot of other hits like return of brass, statement lighting, rose gold accents etc, but the ones above are my favorites!

Do you have a favorite trend that you embraced or loved in 2015?


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  1. All great trends, none of which I used personally in 2015. The cloth trend is something that I tend to incorporate into my design plans for clients, and I used it a lot when it suited my old home's decor, which was much more Bohemian (current home style is more rustic chic.) Maybe this year I'll be bold and use wallpaper for the first time though and as for plants, I have the blackest thumb ever so I'll leave that one to nature. :-p Happy New Year!

    1. I love the textile trend too! I would love to see more pictures of your old home! And as for the plant trends, pothos maybe? They say it is hard to kill. I haven't killed mine yet, but it is also not really growing lol. So I wouldn't know haha. Happy New Year!