December 20, 2015

Its the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas is my favorite holiday. There's something so magical about seeing homes lit with Christmas trees, wreaths hanging on doors and windows and families getting together for dinner.

I grew up in India and the part where I am from, Christmas is huge! We go all out this season. Almost everyone hangs huge lighted paper stars. There are Christmas trees everywhere, nativity scenes in almost every Christian household and a grand Christmas feast that starts with breakfast on Christmas morning and goes on pretty much until New Years! And I am NOT kidding!!! We are very serious about our food.

Growing up I remember my mom was always excited for the holidays. Clearly, she has passed on those feelings to me. This year I am going to miss my parents terribly, as we won't be spending Christmas together.

I am a bit obsessed with Christmas ornaments. Hunting for ornaments is one of my favorite things about shopping for Christmas. I don't do much decorating other than the Christmas tree, so every time I go out, I come back with at least one cutesy ornament. Like this one!

This year I did a Red and White Christmas tree. My favorite is always an all-white tree, but I decided to add some red to it this time. I also added some large white palm leaves, to give it a little extra something.

I also did a lot of decorating with 2-D ornaments this year. See my 2-D angels and 2-D snowflakes? The biggest advantage with them are that they are super easy to store. You can stack them and store them away for the rest of the year, without them taking up a ton of space like traditional bulbs.
So that's it folks, my 2015 Holiday tree! The tree is decked, the lights are on, the gifts are wrapped. And so the count down begins!

And to all my lovely readers, Wish you a wonderful Christmas and a great Holiday season!

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