November 19, 2015
Today I am excited to tell you all about  two of my latest purchases. A cool futuristic travel poster and a vintage map. Both are from a website I discovered on Instagram called CartographersUnion. They are a company that specialize in reproducing vintage maps and travel posters and I love their collections.

The map is a bird's eye view of Manhattan from 1879. New York is and will always be my favorite city. The map illustrates various points of interest such as the Brooklyn Bridge, Trinity Church, Central Park and more. New York stands as a booming city surrounded by ships and boats.


The year the map is from is fascinating, because between 1880 and 1930, over 27 million people entered the United States - about 12 million through Ellis Island alone. The city played such an important role in the creation of America today that looking into it almost feels like being in a time capsule.


So much has changed in the last 130 years, yet so much remains the same! 


The map is a reproduction, but retains the vintage patina of the original map. We are all looking for objects with stories, and to have a little history of my favorite city right at home, was very special for me. 

Next, allow me to introduce you to my cool new travel poster. But before you start dreaming about vacations to Europe, let me stop you right there!

Did you know, earlier this year, NASA's fictional travel agency 'Expoplanet Travel Bureau' released a trio of travel posters, inviting us earthlings to a trip far-off planets? We probably won't get to pack our bags very soon, but that shouldn't stop us from admiring these beautiful works of art.

Picture Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech

I instantly fell in love with the concept,  the featured print and the contrasting colors. If used together, these will make a really fun art installation! The posters are all built around the properties of these planets, with each feature being marketed as a fun touristy thing to do. You know, like parasailing or snorkeling. ;)

I used it in a corner of  my living area, but these would also look great in a bedroom or a teenager's room. What else could spark a kid's curiosity and imagination more than an inter-planetary travel invite itself?

Even as a grown up, I can't get over the novelty of this whole inter-galactic trip and that's what I love most about this.

These were released only this year so you wont find them popping up everywhere just yet!


Personally, I love posters. I think it is a budget-friendly way to add art and color to your walls. The options are diverse and the possibilities, endless.

I am in love with my new items. I now have a slice of history and a piece of the future, and maybe you could too!

This is not a sponsored post.


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  1. Really liked the vintage map.!!!!! Went through their site , luks lik they Hv a pretty cool

  2. Love the poster and the vintage map, Vin! Shall check out the store website...You have a keen eye..And your house looks so inviting with all the indoor foliage!