September 22, 2014

I just quit my job recently. I am a person who always found my job fulfilling. So after a career of almost 8 years, I soon found out that I had a lot of time to kill.

First, I made an exhaustive list of things to do in my "spare time". (Read, every minute of my life) The list ranged from Practicing yoga, Re-learning Basic Algebra and geometry to learning magic. Yes, you read that right, magic. And I learnt 3 magic tricks! Let's just say my nephew made about 5 bucks with all the quarters I fetched from behind his ears.

After magic, I took to photography. I learnt that I actually enjoyed it. Oh the day I discovered Bokeh! I went bonkers with it!

Loving Bokeh

Then I thought to myself. What if I am destined to be a world famous Photographer.Then I took the plunge. I took to Instagram. YES! I embraced another social networking site (after Facebook and Linkedin). I feel really proud of my 19 followers.

My loyal 19 followers - if you are listening, Thank you for the encouragement! Or may I say, Muchos Gracias! (Yes, learning Spanish is another thing on my list.)


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