September 30, 2014 I can spend hours browsing Pinterest. Wait, I think that makes it all of us. Endless arrays of pictures, from interior design to fashion to DIY projects to funny quotes. There is something for everyone. That's how I hopped on the DIY wagon. That's right, I am just a decade behind everybody else.

Anyway, I wanted to create some art for my bedroom. Since I am no artist, I decided my safest bet was to create abstract art. My bedroom was seriously lacking some color.

First, I googled for modern art/abstract art and looked at a few images for inspiration. Then, I bought cheap one dollar frames (the biggest I could find) from Dollar Tree. Then I just grabbed a piece of paper and some acrylic paint and started mixing up colors and creating "art". My first batch looked like this.

Yes, I had the audacity to put it up on the wall. I even slept under it for a night. My husband wasn't pleased, hmmm I wonder why. I think what's wrong with it is, that it looks like a 2 year old scribbled on it with all the shades of sharpies he could find,(although may I add) in an orderly fashion. 
Luckily I came to my senses the next morning, and decided I would try a second time. This time I decided to stick to just a few colors. My bedroom is mostly going to be blue/teal with pink/coral pops. So I came up with this. 

I painted most of each sheet in just 2 colors and added other shades in between as accents, like the dark purple as the accent in the first picture. And remember to have a cup of water nearby to clean your brush before using it for each shade. Or, you could  use a separate brush for each shade. I actually loved how this one turned out. It really adds a pop of color to my bedroom. I call it "Water Lotus". Tee hee. 
Here is how it looks on my wall. (Ignore the crumpled sheets on my bed, please. The one day I don't make the bed!  

I loved how quick this project was and how pretty it looked! The easiest way to bring in some color to any room. Just keep the color palette to a few colors and make your own art! This one is going to stay on my wall for a while! 

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